Tremont 5K

22 Jun

Running late of course…. We arrived 10 minutes before the race started and still had to register!! My cousin Shanae also ran her first 5k with me and it was so nice to have her there.  We both made a quick trip to the bathroom and went to the starting line. It was so humid so I’d been drinking lots of water the whole week prior to the race.

This was my first race in a year! The last race I ran was the Tremont 5k in 2009. My finish time last year was 28:21 and this year I got a new PR of 25:18!  This is the first race where I haven’t felt completely awful the whole time that I was running!  I ran the first mile and was trying to keep my pace over 8 minutes not knowing how much energy I’d have left at the end. Mile 2 went by and my cousin decided to slow down so I was running on my own until the finish. I still felt great! I finished the race with lots of energy and actually think that I may have had a smile on my face… which is definitley a first for me!

After the race we found Rob and Christine who also both PR’d! Since I haven’t been running, it has really cut down on the time that I have been able to hang out with the both of them, so this was an added bonus to running 🙂

Carrie, Christine, Shanae, and Me

Me, Christine, Shanae, and the Carnies

I had been running for 3 weeks about 2 times a week, between 2 and 3 miles at a time. I also take Pilates on tuesday nights and play softball on thursday nights. Lately, I’ve been adding in wakeboarding as cross-training as well.

8:10 pace
F:  6/27
Overall: 140/331


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