Holy Humidity!

25 Jun

So I’ll recap the whole week of training…. I’m not very good at blogging every day yet 🙂

Tuesday: 2.5 miles @ 8:00, 1 hour of Pilates

Wednesday: 3 miles @ 8:20ish (my garmin died haha), Wakeboarding 1 hour

Thursday: 5 miles long run 47:42 @ 9:32, 1 hour of coed softball
splits:          mile 1: 9:57
                      mile 2: 9:45
                      mile 3: 9:30
                      mile 4: 9:22
                      mile 5: 9:11 

Tonight is 3 miles and I plan on doing some abs as well. I also signed up for the 5 mile Park2Park next Sunday… at least I now know I can run 5 miles straight  ha! I also picked up a new bright pink sports bra last night after my game… I’m thinking I’ll wear it for the 5 mile race. I’ll take a pic and update my post this weekend 🙂 After great reviews from Christine, I also bought the Nike LunaRacer 2’s to try out… I ordered an 8, but I also have custom orthotics that have to fit in the shoe as well. Needless to say I should have gone with my gut and ordered the 8.5’s! I should recieve those on Monday though… but so far I absolutely love them!! Once I get the right size and my orthotics aren’t making a squeaking noise everytime I walk in them, I think I just might be in running heaven! These shoes are soooo light and I love the feeling of running so close to the ground. Since I bought new shoes, I also needed to buy new socks 🙂 I got 3 pairs of Nike socks in pink, white, and blue…. I have lots of pics to take and updating to do it looks like!


One Response to “Holy Humidity!”

  1. Mrs.CJ June 26, 2010 at 7:38 am #

    I’m glad you like the LunaRacer2s! You are going to look so cute at Park to Park! 🙂

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