Catch Up

9 Jul

I will start with a catch up blog from last week. Here was my training schedule:

Tuesday:  2 miles 8:09 pace, 1 hour of pilates
Wed:          4.8 miles (43:20) 9:07 pace
Thurs:       1 hour of pilates, doubleheader coed softball
Friday:     5 miles (48:07) 9:38 pace, Christine’s Hood
Sat:             1.15 miles 9:20 pace
Sun:           5 mile race  (41:12) 8:14 pace
Tues:          1 hour of pilates
Wed:          3.2 miles (26:20) 8:24 pace
Thurs:       1 hour of coed softball, 5.2 miles @ Tipton (44:03) 8:31 pace

Ok… so for last week…. important news… Christine and I were heading for coffee and wouldn’t you know it, we get pulled over by the cops! I’m pretty sure I attract them wherever I go so I was not surprised when he pulled up behind us and and flipped on the blueberries and cherries 🙂 It ended up that Christine receieved two tickets and they didn’t want to take her to jail… we tossed around the idea of me being her lawyer and going in and demanding to see my client. Since my services weren’t needed, Christine’s retainer for my awesome lawyering skills will be reserved for another day 🙂 (she knows I like to be paid in starbucks 🙂 ) We were both set on the idea that the officer was upset that we looked better in our cop shades than he did!

Rob, Christine, and Drew also joined me for some boating fun on Sunday… we were all sooo hot from the race that morning that chilling at the lake was perfect!

Christine and I enjoing a day on the lake!

I have also been wakeboarding on the nights that I’m not running… its an awesome back, butt, legs, abs, and arm workout. PLUS, its super fun so I don’t even realize I’m working out until I get back on the boat and I’m jello-legged haha

Me working out and not even knowing it!

 I happened to stumble upon Dick’s Sporting Goods last night after my run and may have come home with some new things….. ok I did! I bought (at the request of Christine) new Nike Spandex shorts in black and a new Nike girly Pink sports bra. I’m all set for Dog Days on Saturday night!!!!


2 Responses to “Catch Up”

  1. Mrs.CJ July 11, 2010 at 12:10 pm #

    You are so my lawyer! And I will definitely pay you in Starbucks! 😀 So glad you are on the case! 😉

    That is a bad ass picture of you wakeboarding, geesh! You are a rockstar!!

    • ritterrunning July 12, 2010 at 10:07 am #

      Thanks!!! You and Rob are so going to have to come wakeboarding with us…. its SO much fun and you’ll work muscles you never knew you had 🙂

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