Dog Days 5k

15 Jul

This was a super hot race!!! It was at 6pm so it was still in the 80’s and sunny… and really humid! I had ran part of this course before in the Lake Run, but luckily we only had part of those rolling hills for this 5k. This was my 2nd race not being able to wear headphones…. its not something I’m real fond of. It seems like I always end up running by myself and that leads to me running slower than what I probably should.

This race started off really fast for me…. I kept trying to slow down, knowing that I can’t keep a 7 min mile pace! My first mile was def my quickest @ 7:32. I sure was feeling it at mile 3 because I was worn out! OH I almost forgot to mention that I was 2 minutes from completely missing this race altogether…. my navigation couldn’t find Lake Bloomington for some reason so I ended up all the way in Lexington and had to turn around and drive 20 more minutes (this was when I was supposed to be warming up!) to find the race location. I literally parked the truck, hopped out, and ran to the starting line and the race was off! I didn’t even have time to take off my sunglasses or make a restroom stop… which was terrible because I had just drank a whole bottle of water on my 1 hour drive there. Running on a full bladder is just not a good idea! I ran into the finish line and kept going to the restroom haha The race turned out to be about .5 miles off so even though I got a PR in this race, I have to add like 20 seconds on to my time. I was so excited thinking that I had finally broken 24 minutes… hopefully it’ll happen sooner than later 🙂  I met up with Rob, Christine, and Drew at the end of the race which is always a high point for me, being able to sit around and chat with my fastie friends!! They all had an awesome race as well 🙂

Mile 1:           7:32
Mile 2:           8:13
Mile 3:           7:50

Total:             23:50    7:41 pace  (PR)  4th AG

Overall:    101/254
AG:             4/8 (I missed 3rd place and a medal by 20 seconds!!!)

Coming into the finish

On our way out

almost to the finish


One Response to “Dog Days 5k”

  1. Mrs.CJ July 16, 2010 at 2:26 pm #

    Ritter you did great!! A good warm up and an empty bladder and you will smash your PR! You are running so well!

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