~Heat Wave~

15 Jul

It has been soooo hot lately! I’ve been trying to get my training runs in later on in the day as opposed to right after work like normal. I’m not sure its really helping as the other night I ran at 9:00 pm, no sun at all, and it was still like 85 degrees. I guess I shouldn’t complain though… last year it was SO cold and I couldn’t go boating so I wished for a hot summer. I’m so glad that I have gotten used to running in a sports bra and shorts/spandex because there’s no way I could run with extra clothing on right now! Here’s what my week or so of training  has gone (starting sometime last week):

Wed:        3.2 miles @ 8:24 pace (my hood)
Thurs:     5.2 miles @ 8:31 pace (Tipton Trails), 1 hour coed softball
Sat:           3.05 miles @ 7:45 pace (Dog Days 5k) 23:50
Mon:        3.5 miles @ 8:44 pace (my hood)
Tues:        2.5 miles @ 8:39 pace (my hood), 1 hour of Pilates
Wed:        4 miles @ 8:53 pace (my hood)

Tonight I’m off to the Lady Gaga concert in Indy, so no running for me…. but I’ll make up for it and run on Friday! My next race planned is a 5k on Saturday morning.


One Response to “~Heat Wave~”

  1. Mrs.CJ July 16, 2010 at 2:22 pm #

    Great week Ritter!! I hope the concert was a blast! I bet it was, it’s Gaga!!! 🙂

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