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Danvers Days 5K

23 Aug

The morning of this race started off pretty chilly and I was actually rethinking wearing a sports bra. After I registered, I met up with Rob, Christine, and Chris and we set out for a 2 mile warm up. We also found some monkeys on the way 🙂 It warmed up quickly… by the start of the race I was sweating and happy that I had decided to wear no shirt! My goal for this race was to never let me pace get above 8:00 per mile, which I achieved. I actually felt really good for most of this race and didn’t start hurting until about 2.5 miles in so I just kept telling myself I didn’t have much further to go and a PR would feel awesome! As I was running the last mile I realized that for the first time in a race people weren’t passing me, I was actually moving past them. I noticed too that I hadn’t seen many girls up ahead, which is not normal for me in a race. As I’m coming up to the finish I hear Rob and CJ yelling for me from the refreshment stand and it really helped me push all the way in. I finished with a PR of 22:38!!!

After everyone was done running we went inside to get pancakes and get our awards. We apparently sat at the “award table” because all of us won medals!

I knew it felt like my shorts were riding up.... haha

Jo, Rob, CJ, Me, and Chris with our medals

Me, CJ, and Jo with the monkey - All 1st place AG


Mile 1:               7:10
Mile 2:               7:35
Mile 3:               7:20
Mile .1:              5:10

Total:                 22:38     7:17 pace, PR, 1st AG, 4th female Overall
Overall:            29/158
AG:                     1/8
Female:             4/75


Marion Nafziger Memorial 5K

23 Aug

I decided to run this race mainly because I was bored and had nothing else to do 🙂 It turned out to be a fairly small race, but the after race snacks and the set up was great! I’ll definitley run this race again next year. I also PR’d this race with a time of  24:06.


24:06    PR
1/4         1st AG
2/28      2nd female overall
20/66   Overall

Bad Monkey

23 Aug

Instead of sad monkey, I’ve been a bad monkey! I had some challenging experiences the past few weeks that have led me off the path of blogging… I have been keeping up with my running though. Since its been awhile since I’ve blogged, I’m just going to run through last weeks stats and post a blog about a race a few weeks ago.

This week I managed to increase my mileage to 17. I have also decided to join CJ and Rob in a Half Marathon, December 5th in Las Vegas. Needless to say my training will also now include quite a bit more mileage and some speedwork.