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Adidas AdiZero Adios

2 Sep

My very speedy friend Christine suggested that I switch from my Nike LunaRacers to these Adios… so of course we planned a shopping date at Often Running so I could get them 🙂 After I made my purchase and she picked up a new pair of compression shorts, I also made my first trip to Coffee Hound. Love it!! I will be back there again for more coffee 🙂 While having some amazing coffee, we also decided that we must have sushi and drinks later with the boys (see what shopping leads to….). Anyway – back to the shoes – My first run in these bad boys was the 5k in Peoria a day later. I had no troubles getting used to them and absolutely loved every minute of running in them!!! I’ll post some pics of them shortly…. 🙂 Thanks to my bestie Christine for suggesting that I try them!!


Footsteps Against Fibrosis 5k

2 Sep

This was another race that I randomly decided to run. You don’t often get pretty scenery when running 5ks so I took advantage of the fact that this one was on the Peoria Riverfront. The other nice thing about this race was that it wasn’t until 10:30, so that gave me plenty of time to get registered beforehand. I had a bowl of cereal and an english muffin with peanut butter for breakfast and then Jeff was nice enough to stop by Starbucks for me on the drive over to Peoria. It was exciting because this was Jeff’s first 5k race, even though he’d ran the Steamboat 15k and some other longer distance races.

The downfall for this race was that this was the first time it was put together so people weren’t quite sure about the race route – I only got about a .5 mile warmup because I didn’t want to miss the start. The race started out well, but I could tell that my lack of warming up was going to hurt me. I was keeping around 7:00 mile paces, but was feeling like I wasn’t going anywhere! The finish was not visible until you turned around a corner, so there wasn’t much time for sprinting which was disappointing because I had actually saved some energy for that reason. Oh well – lesson learned 🙂  Jeff finished ahead of me and when I came in I knew that he must have gotten an awesome time because I came in with 22:06 – a new PR!! He ran a 20:52, good enough for 2nd place in his AG (31-40). I think I was more excited for him doing so well than I was for me getting a PR 🙂 I ended up with 1st in my AG (21-30) and 2nd female overall.

 They did have lots of volunteers on the race route and an awesome spread of refreshments after the race.  We hung around for our medals and then decided to have some drinks at the Irish festival that was going on.


Time:                22:06    (7:08 pace)
Overall:           11/?
AG:                    1/?
F Overall:        2/?