New Year’s Training Week

4 Jan

The classes at my gym were on break until the new year so I was left with running and swimming. Here’s how the week went:

12/27:  3.1 miles (9:02 pace)
12/28:   OFF
12/29:   OFF
12/30:   20 min swim
12/31:    5 miles (9:36 pace)
1/1:         5 miles (8:24 pace)
1/2:         5 miles (9:36 pace) 

Total:     18.1 miles Run
                 20 min swim

Thursday was my first experience with swimming. It is something I am not good at so its really frustrating for me. I will be back this week hopefully to try again though. I am happy that my spinning classes are back in session!!! This week will be very busy as I have my first track workout at ISU (haven’t been on a track since 1998 haha) tonight and then have 25 miles to run and some spinning and swimming to fit in.


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