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10 Jan

Last week was my first track workout since my freshman year in high school… nothing has changed – it’s still really tough!! I was nervous since it was my first time on the track in a while and I was also running with a group of fasties (not that I was keeping with them, we were all just there at the same time haha). Ryan agreed to help me with my training this year so that I can get quicker at the 5k distance. Of course this means that I’ll actually have to run consistantly throughout the week, eat better, and get more rest. This is how my week of training went:

1/3      Bike 19 mi
             1 hr Strong class

1/4      2 mile warm up 
             8 x 200 @ :36ish pace
             8 x 400 recovery
             1 mile cool down

1/5      Bike 19 mi
1/6      Bike 19 mi
             1 hr Pilates

1/7      Run 6.4 mi  (9:00 pace)

1/8      OFF

1/9      Run 5 mi (9:15 pace)
              Swim (20 mins)
              Bike (21 mi)

Totals:      78 mi Bike
                    17.4 mi Run
                    20 min Swim
                    2 hour XT (weights & pilates)

I also get to have some fun on Jan 29th… I am going to run the 200m at the IWU Titan Open. Who knew they let old people run at the local track meets 🙂 This will probably be one of the most exciting races for me this year, I can’t wait!!


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