Whoa Track Workout!

26 Jan

I always wonder why indoor tracks are kept so warm… I mean, most people will be running while they are there so there is no need to keep it about 70 degrees!! Regardless – that was what I got to deal with last night during my track workout. I am actually in the very early stages (meaning lots of SLOW running) of 5k training for this season so speedwork is not something that’s currently in my training plan. However, since I have a few other friends that are running at this indoor track meet I decided to get in on the fun. I am running the 200m which will be a short enough distance to where it won’t mess with my training, but still allow me to get out there and get used to competing again. Plus, the 200 m is probably my favorite distance to run 🙂

Back to last night – It went by in a blur. Since I’m doing much of my easy and long runs at 9:15 pace, I needed a workout to wake up my legs for Saturday. The workout I was given was 6 x 200 @ :33 with 1 min rest. I noticed some familiar faces at the track and jumped in with another one of the guys who was doing his warm up. Once I was done with that (and its so hot in there I was already sweating like crazy and taking off layers) I stretched for quite a while and put on my favorite running shoes – track spikes! While I was stretching the college’s long distance track team(I’m guessing) came out for practice. I hurried up and got through my first 3 200’s with minimal interference on the track. The next 3 I had to run several lanes wide to weave around the runners in the 1st-3rd lanes which was not a big deal but it resulted in my splits being between 34 and 35 seconds. I was certainly worn out though.. my legs felt like jello and I couldn’t drink enough water. After I felt like I could handle running again I did a mile cool down with one of the other guys that was there. The cool down discussion was about how hot the track was 🙂 I did notice that I felt pretty dehydrated the whole workout and I’m sure being sick all day Sunday was making it worse, but it was a huge reminder that I need to drink lots of water throughout the day. My splits went like this:

1 – 31
2 – 33
3 – 33
4 – 34
5 – 35
6 – 34

I have a bike workout tonight, easy run on Thursday, and hills on Friday. Then Saturday its Off To the Races 🙂

My pink track spikes!


Love running in these 🙂


2 Responses to “Whoa Track Workout!”

  1. Mrs.CJ January 26, 2011 at 6:47 pm #

    Sweet kicks! See ya Saturday!

    • Ritter January 27, 2011 at 8:43 am #

      I’ll bring my camera and get some pics for ya 🙂

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