Illinois Half Marathon – 1:36:54

23 Jun

My first half marathon!!! This race originally started out as a training run for me, but as time grew closer to race day it was decided that I’d try my best. I didn’t taper in the week prior as I also had my A race (Illinois 5k) the night before the HM. Its funny how you say you’re NEVER going to do something and you end up doing it anyway. I said I’d NEVER run a HM and it turned out to be my favorite race to date!

Since I had raced the night before, I didn’t get to bed until around 12:30 which was going to make it hard to be up at 4:15am. I decided to pack all of my stuff so that I could just get up, brush my teeth and go. 5am rolled around and Ryan and Dave were there to pick me up – yet I was still in bed! For fear of making them late, I almost told them to go ahead without me and I’d just skip the race… good thing I didn’t. I grabbed my bag and we headed to the gas station to get coffee. When we made it to Peoria I had yet to go to the bathroom and had drank a whole coffee and eaten a granola bar. I was banking on the fact that this was a huge race and there should be plenty of port-a-potties around – Fail. There were huge lines for every bathroom I could find!! I tried to tell myself I didn’t have to go but with people being called to the starting line, I had to just suck it up and hope I wouldn’t have to stop on the course. Because I was so frantic about the bathroom thing I only took in a little water and had a Stinger Honey Gold gel. I put another gel in my belt for mid-race. I went with Adidas arm sleeves, sports bra, shorts and my Adios for race gear. Since we had about 20 mph winds my plan was to draft like crazy… something I have been practicing. Since I had no idea what to expect Ryan told me to go out slow for the first 2 miles and then pick it up as the race went on.

The race started out slow, which was fine with me. At about 4 miles in I found a guy who was running about the paces I wanted to be running so I stuck with him all the way to mile 11. At mile 6.5 I took another Stinger Honey Gold gel and washed it down with a bit of water. This was my first time fueling in a race and it went pretty well. I also decided to wear my ipod for this race since I knew I’d be out there for a long time and didn’t want to find myself all alone. It was a good choice – it definitely kept me going. At about mile 11 my personal wind-blocker took off and my legs were definitely feeling the effects of racing the night prior so I kept my pace and let him go. The last 2 miles were certainly the toughest as I felt like I was going sooo slowly. Coming into the stadium I saw all the guys (Ryan, Dave, Chris, and Seth) and got a sudden burst of energy pushing me under the 1:37 mark. This was my most enjoyable race yet and I can’t wait to run another HM 🙂

1 – 7:38
2 – 7:20 (bit too fast)
3 – 7:29
4 – 7:26
5 – 7:13
6 – 7:27  (gel – wind)
7 – 7:29 (wind)
8 – 7:12
9 – 7:17
10 – 7:18
11 – 7:12
12 – 7:20
13 – 7:22
.1 – 1:04

Time:                       1:36:54

AG:                           9/698

Female:                   36/3707

Overall:                   294/6435

1st AG bag and medals

Jess and I


4 Responses to “Illinois Half Marathon – 1:36:54”

  1. Hollie @ Lolzthatswim(andRun) June 24, 2011 at 7:19 am #

    Wow we are seriously twinnies! Awesome job girl! My last half I ran in 1:36.56 haha. If only we lived closer we could be running besties. I think I take my gel too late at around mile 10. hmm.

    • Ritter June 27, 2011 at 8:22 am #

      HM twinnies!!! Great job on your race as well! I know, if I’m ever out that way, I’ll let you know 🙂 I think I might start taking a gel in mile 4 and maybe 8…. it’s hard to practice that.

  2. lindsay June 28, 2011 at 9:27 pm #

    thats a wicked time! michelle, you are speedy! congrats!

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