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Race That’s Good For Life 5k – 21:08 4/3/2011

5 Apr

Nervous. That about sums up my feelings for this race. I went into the day knowing very well the level of competition that would be attending and was completely ok with the fact that I would probably come in about 40th. This race was in Oak Park, IL and is the only race I know of that has a seperate start for the women and for the men. So when I say I was ok with coming in 40th, I meant 40 WOMEN kicking my butt!! 🙂 Anyway, I woke up at about 5:45 on race day still not knowing what I wanted to wear, what shoes I was going to wear, what the weather would be like etc. I had my usual breakfast of cereal and stopped at Starbucks on the way. At exactly 2 hours out I ate my PBJ and drank a little water. I have to admit – driving through downtown Chicago wasn’t a terrible way to start my morning 🙂 Since the weather was 40ish and windy I decided to go with my Adidas RC racing flats, running tank, spandex, and arm warmers for the race. I arrived on time (which if you know me, this is a huge feat) and went in to get my race packet. The atmosphere was unreal – there were lots of racing teams and coaches hanging around and even though this race has a LOT of runners, it still had the feeling of being very competitive. I saw tons of ladies that just looked fast and it was really nice to see that lots of people were out doing warm ups and strides pre-race. Ryan and Melisa got there right as I was going out for my warm up and thankfully Melisa offered to watch my stuff for me. I turn on my Garmin wait for it to find a sattellite. FAIL. I did my whole warm up without my Garmin even working – annoyed the crap out of me. So I literally stood around until it finally locked on and I knew I’d be good for the race. I got probably a 2 mile warmup – it should have been more, but I was running around frantically trying to find my gloves (another fail.) and going to the restroom. So finally they call everyone to come over to the starting line – I join a couple other ladies for some strides and hop in line. I notice that there are 2 starting lines (kind of like a corral) so I went behind the 2nd one knowing I don’t like to go out fast and the spot ahead was probably reserved for elites. Then they announce that anyone with a 21 5k or under needs to be up in the front – so I shoot a quick glance over to my coach, Ryan. He gives me the “get your butt up there” look and I move up. So if I wasn’t nervous before, I surely was now! There are tons of professional photogs up there taking pictures of everyone and people with video cameras – it was bit overwhelming. Like I said before – there were some really fast girls (winning time was 17:40) running so I can see why it was like that.

So we’re off and I let people pass me as I try and settle into my pace. The lady that was lined up right next to me seemed like someone who had ran quite a few races in her time and I figured she would keep a pretty even pace. So I followed her. Mile 1 went pretty quickly and I remembered thinking how I should feel a bit more tired but my split was 6:43 which was where I was supposed to be. 2nd mile I think my Garmin must have been bouncing around because I kept seeing low 6:00 paces so I slowed down a little knowing I can’t keep that througout the race. Mile 3 we turn… right into the wind. I didn’t realize it was windy but once I felt it, I knew that I should have pushed harder on mile 2 to make up the longer time it was going to take me to run mile 3. The final turn towards the finish I was 18 something and man did the finish look closer than it really was – turns out it was a good half mile to the finish line haha. So I thought I was going to PR until I realized the finish was much further away. Nonetheless I picked up my pace and tried to make the best of the finish. I heard my name announced as I crossed the finish line and was handed a rose. Every woman that crosses gets a rose, so I thought that was pretty cool. Disappointed in my time and at myself for not pushing harder I went and found Melisa to wait for Ryan’s race to begin. All-in-all I think I’d like to do the race again next year as it was ran really smoothly and you could tell it was a pretty important race for the Chicago area.

Time:       21:08 (6:49 pace)

AG:            5/55

Overall:    34/456

Race That's Good For Life - The Start

Getting started

Getting closer to the finish!

Finally Done!! And I was not thinking and stopped at the 1st mat.. oops!!

Coming into Chicago pre-race

After Ryan’s race I drove 90 hurried back to Bloomington to run the CCHS Saints Alive 5k. One of my friends helped put it all together so I wanted to come out and support everyone – and it was 80 degrees so I decided to run 🙂 Those 45 mph winds were something else tho….


Race Plans!!

25 Jan

I signed up for my first 5k race of this season today – The Miller Park Zoo Stampede!! This race is held on Saturday, March 5th @ 10:00 AM. Its going to be a cold one 🙂

Footsteps Against Fibrosis 5k

2 Sep

This was another race that I randomly decided to run. You don’t often get pretty scenery when running 5ks so I took advantage of the fact that this one was on the Peoria Riverfront. The other nice thing about this race was that it wasn’t until 10:30, so that gave me plenty of time to get registered beforehand. I had a bowl of cereal and an english muffin with peanut butter for breakfast and then Jeff was nice enough to stop by Starbucks for me on the drive over to Peoria. It was exciting because this was Jeff’s first 5k race, even though he’d ran the Steamboat 15k and some other longer distance races.

The downfall for this race was that this was the first time it was put together so people weren’t quite sure about the race route – I only got about a .5 mile warmup because I didn’t want to miss the start. The race started out well, but I could tell that my lack of warming up was going to hurt me. I was keeping around 7:00 mile paces, but was feeling like I wasn’t going anywhere! The finish was not visible until you turned around a corner, so there wasn’t much time for sprinting which was disappointing because I had actually saved some energy for that reason. Oh well – lesson learned 🙂  Jeff finished ahead of me and when I came in I knew that he must have gotten an awesome time because I came in with 22:06 – a new PR!! He ran a 20:52, good enough for 2nd place in his AG (31-40). I think I was more excited for him doing so well than I was for me getting a PR 🙂 I ended up with 1st in my AG (21-30) and 2nd female overall.

 They did have lots of volunteers on the race route and an awesome spread of refreshments after the race.  We hung around for our medals and then decided to have some drinks at the Irish festival that was going on.


Time:                22:06    (7:08 pace)
Overall:           11/?
AG:                    1/?
F Overall:        2/?

Danvers Days 5K

23 Aug

The morning of this race started off pretty chilly and I was actually rethinking wearing a sports bra. After I registered, I met up with Rob, Christine, and Chris and we set out for a 2 mile warm up. We also found some monkeys on the way 🙂 It warmed up quickly… by the start of the race I was sweating and happy that I had decided to wear no shirt! My goal for this race was to never let me pace get above 8:00 per mile, which I achieved. I actually felt really good for most of this race and didn’t start hurting until about 2.5 miles in so I just kept telling myself I didn’t have much further to go and a PR would feel awesome! As I was running the last mile I realized that for the first time in a race people weren’t passing me, I was actually moving past them. I noticed too that I hadn’t seen many girls up ahead, which is not normal for me in a race. As I’m coming up to the finish I hear Rob and CJ yelling for me from the refreshment stand and it really helped me push all the way in. I finished with a PR of 22:38!!!

After everyone was done running we went inside to get pancakes and get our awards. We apparently sat at the “award table” because all of us won medals!

I knew it felt like my shorts were riding up.... haha

Jo, Rob, CJ, Me, and Chris with our medals

Me, CJ, and Jo with the monkey - All 1st place AG


Mile 1:               7:10
Mile 2:               7:35
Mile 3:               7:20
Mile .1:              5:10

Total:                 22:38     7:17 pace, PR, 1st AG, 4th female Overall
Overall:            29/158
AG:                     1/8
Female:             4/75

Tremont 5K

22 Jun

Running late of course…. We arrived 10 minutes before the race started and still had to register!! My cousin Shanae also ran her first 5k with me and it was so nice to have her there.  We both made a quick trip to the bathroom and went to the starting line. It was so humid so I’d been drinking lots of water the whole week prior to the race.

This was my first race in a year! The last race I ran was the Tremont 5k in 2009. My finish time last year was 28:21 and this year I got a new PR of 25:18!  This is the first race where I haven’t felt completely awful the whole time that I was running!  I ran the first mile and was trying to keep my pace over 8 minutes not knowing how much energy I’d have left at the end. Mile 2 went by and my cousin decided to slow down so I was running on my own until the finish. I still felt great! I finished the race with lots of energy and actually think that I may have had a smile on my face… which is definitley a first for me!

After the race we found Rob and Christine who also both PR’d! Since I haven’t been running, it has really cut down on the time that I have been able to hang out with the both of them, so this was an added bonus to running 🙂

Carrie, Christine, Shanae, and Me

Me, Christine, Shanae, and the Carnies

I had been running for 3 weeks about 2 times a week, between 2 and 3 miles at a time. I also take Pilates on tuesday nights and play softball on thursday nights. Lately, I’ve been adding in wakeboarding as cross-training as well.

8:10 pace
F:  6/27
Overall: 140/331