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A blizzard is coming….

31 Jan

Goodbye outdoor running… hello more snow! That’s what the weather channels are saying – worst snow storm in 20 years! I’m SOOOO ready for spring!

Here are my stats from last week:

1/24      Run 4 mi (37:32) outdoor 21 degrees
1/25      Track (ISU) 6 x 200 @ 33 sec, 60 sec rest
                Run 2 mi warm up, 1 mi cool down
1/26      Swim 20 mins
                Bike 60 min (20 min w/u, 3 x 5 min @ LT, 20 min cool down)
1/27      Run 4 mi (38:10) outdoor 23 degrees
1/28      OFF
1/29      Run 1 mi (9:45)
                200m (30.05) IWU Track Meet
                Run 1 mi (9:30)
1/30      Run 5 @ 49:30

Totals    Run   19 miles
                 Bike   60 min
                 Swim  20 min

This coming week starts a new stage of my training plan so I’ll be putting in more mileage and a couple different workouts.


7 in the Snow

21 Jan

I finally went and bought a ninja mask for some outside running! I tried it out yesterday for my 7 mile easy run – I love it! It was 21 degrees out so I wore my UA cold gear tights, UA long sleeve, UA short sleeve, North Face fleece (with thumb holes 🙂 ) North Face down coat, and ski gloves. I had a bottle of water in my coat pocket along with my ipod. I had my normal pre-workout snack of a PB&J – yummy!! This run went pretty well and I actually managed to stay very warm – I had my coat unzipped most of the time. I did learn that when the temps are that cold water bottles will freeze.. I had slushy water towards the end 🙂 Overall it was a great run and when the temps are 20 and higher (and its still daylight out) I’d prefer to do my longer runs outside.

Wednesday was Bike LT day – it was a killer! Last week I did 2 x 5min @ LT with 2.5 min recovery but this week was 3 x 5 min @ LT with 2.5 min recovery. I knew this was going to be harder so I kept my HR for the 20 min warmup between 120-150 bpm. The first 5 min was probably the toughest for me, just because I was tired and it always takes me a while to warm up. The second set was about average and then the third 5 min set was tough but felt great! I’m glad I only do this workout one time a week though 🙂

1/18    2 mile warm up @ 9:15
             8 x 20 sec (9mph – 7.5% incline) 2:00 recovery
             2 mile cool down @ 9:15

1/19    3 x 5 min LT, 2:30 recovery (HR 182, 185, 187)
              20 min warm up, 20 min cool down

1/20    7.12 mi easy – 1:06 (9:17 pace) 21 degrees

me after my 7 miles in the snow


17 Jan

This week was my longest mileage week ever! 26 wonderful miles actually felt easier than the 12-15 I’m normally used to doing. I also bought some new laces (Yankz) and stopped using my orthotic insoles… I might have the happiest legs/feet in the world!! Sunday was also my best training run to date – 8 miles of pure enjoyment 🙂 Its the longest run I’ve had so far and the first time I’ve ran with no pain whatsoever. I’m hoping I have many more days like that! Here’s how the rest of the week went:

1/10   Bike – 1.5 hour easy
1/11    Hills – 8 x 20 sec (9mph, 7% incline) 3:00 recovery
             2 mi warm up & 2 mi cool down (9:15 pace)
1/12   Bike LT – 5 min @ 182 bpm, 2.5 min rec, 5 min @ 185  bpm
             20 min w/u, 20 min c/d
1/13   Easy Run – 7 mi @ 9:15 (5 min walk every 3 miles)
1/14   Hills – 8 x 20 sec (9 mph, 7% incline) 2:00 recovery
             2 mi w/u, 2 mi c/d (9:15 pace)
1/15    Bike – 1.5 hours easy (150 bpm)
1/16    Long Run – 8 mi (5 min walk every 3 miles)

Totals:    Run – 26 miles
                  Bike – 4 hours

This week will be much of the same workouts, but I’m going to try and add some pilates and strong classes on my lighter days.

Another first

14 Jan

Wednesday night I had a bike workout to complete (I do this on a spinning bike at my gym – 4 Seasons). I warmed up for 20 minutes (155 HR) and then was supposed to get in 2 sets of LT for 5 min each with 2.5 min recovery in between. I’ve learned lately that its better to pace yourself when you have multiple sets to do in a workout so that you can actually make it through the whole thing. So for the first set I held my HR at 182 in a standing climb (my favorite!) and then recovered at 120 HR for 2.5 min. The next 5 min set I kept my HR at 185 and then after I joined the rest of the class for a 6 min standing climb and some jumps. Next week I have to do 3 sets of 5 minutes and try to keep the same HR. I never thought I would enjoy spinning, but its becoming one of my favorite workouts.

Last night was 7 miles on the treadmill @ 9:15 pace. I was supposed to do 3 mile increments with a 5 minute walk in between, but I got impatient. So, I ended up with 2 miles run, 5 minute walk, 5 miles run. Tonight I was supposed to do hills and a 60:00 bike ride but there are no spinning classes on friday nights so I did that last night before the 7 miles.

1/13     Bike 60 min (2 x 5:00 LT, 2:30 recovery)
1/14     Bike 60 min easy, 7 mi easy @ 9:15