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It was bound to happen..

25 Jan

After thinking that I was going to not catch the stomach flu that everyone else has had, I woke up Sunday morning feeling pretty weak. By noon I was full-on sick and not able to keep anything down – this resulted in me doing nothing but laying in bed ALL day long. As I was laying in bed, the only thing I kept thinking was that I had been so excited to be able to go run my 8 miles outside and now that wasn’t going to happen. Yesterday morning I felt a little better, but was still pretty tired and I could tell my body didn’t appreciate having nothing to eat or drink for almost 24 hours. I had planned on making up my 8 miles last night and then going to spinning class, but I only got in 4 and headed to bed early. On a good note, I’m feeling better today and plan on heading to the track for a little bit after work to get some more time in my spikes before Saturday’s track meet. I will also have to get in my hill workout and possibly some time on the bike.

Last week’s stats:

1/17      Bike – 60 min Easy
                Run – 1 mile easy off bike
                XT – Strong class 60 min

1/18       Run – 4 mi  – 37:00 (easy warm up and cool down)
                 Hills – 8 x 7% @ 9mph (20 sec) 2 min recovery

1/19       Bike  LT – 3 x 5 min w/2.5 min recovery (HR 182, 185, 187)
                 Bike – 40 min (warm up and cool down)

1/20       Run – 7.1 mi easy  1:06:01 (9:17 pace)    

1/21        Run – 4 mi – 37:00 (easy warm up and cool down)  
                  Run – Hills 8 x 7.5% @ 9mph (20 sec) 2 min recovery

1/22        XT – Pilates 60 mins

Totals:    Run – 20.1 mi
                  Bike – 2 hours
                  XT – 2 hours

Hopefully I can get back to my regular schedule starting today! I really don’t like missing workouts.

Picked these up on my Saturday shopping trip!