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Illinois Half Marathon – 1:36:54

23 Jun

My first half marathon!!! This race originally started out as a training run for me, but as time grew closer to race day it was decided that I’d try my best. I didn’t taper in the week prior as I also had my A race (Illinois 5k) the night before the HM. Its funny how you say you’re NEVER going to do something and you end up doing it anyway. I said I’d NEVER run a HM and it turned out to be my favorite race to date!

Since I had raced the night before, I didn’t get to bed until around 12:30 which was going to make it hard to be up at 4:15am. I decided to pack all of my stuff so that I could just get up, brush my teeth and go. 5am rolled around and Ryan and Dave were there to pick me up – yet I was still in bed! For fear of making them late, I almost told them to go ahead without me and I’d just skip the race… good thing I didn’t. I grabbed my bag and we headed to the gas station to get coffee. When we made it to Peoria I had yet to go to the bathroom and had drank a whole coffee and eaten a granola bar. I was banking on the fact that this was a huge race and there should be plenty of port-a-potties around – Fail. There were huge lines for every bathroom I could find!! I tried to tell myself I didn’t have to go but with people being called to the starting line, I had to just suck it up and hope I wouldn’t have to stop on the course. Because I was so frantic about the bathroom thing I only took in a little water and had a Stinger Honey Gold gel. I put another gel in my belt for mid-race. I went with Adidas arm sleeves, sports bra, shorts and my Adios for race gear. Since we had about 20 mph winds my plan was to draft like crazy… something I have been practicing. Since I had no idea what to expect Ryan told me to go out slow for the first 2 miles and then pick it up as the race went on.

The race started out slow, which was fine with me. At about 4 miles in I found a guy who was running about the paces I wanted to be running so I stuck with him all the way to mile 11. At mile 6.5 I took another Stinger Honey Gold gel and washed it down with a bit of water. This was my first time fueling in a race and it went pretty well. I also decided to wear my ipod for this race since I knew I’d be out there for a long time and didn’t want to find myself all alone. It was a good choice – it definitely kept me going. At about mile 11 my personal wind-blocker took off and my legs were definitely feeling the effects of racing the night prior so I kept my pace and let him go. The last 2 miles were certainly the toughest as I felt like I was going sooo slowly. Coming into the stadium I saw all the guys (Ryan, Dave, Chris, and Seth) and got a sudden burst of energy pushing me under the 1:37 mark. This was my most enjoyable race yet and I can’t wait to run another HM 🙂

1 – 7:38
2 – 7:20 (bit too fast)
3 – 7:29
4 – 7:26
5 – 7:13
6 – 7:27  (gel – wind)
7 – 7:29 (wind)
8 – 7:12
9 – 7:17
10 – 7:18
11 – 7:12
12 – 7:20
13 – 7:22
.1 – 1:04

Time:                       1:36:54

AG:                           9/698

Female:                   36/3707

Overall:                   294/6435

1st AG bag and medals

Jess and I


Illinois 5k – 20:59

3 May

There is nothing more odd than running a 5k at 6:30 at night haha but I wanted to do it anyway. The Illinois Marathon offered an “I-Challenge” option this year so knowing that I’d need a long run that weekend, I signed up. It consists of the 5k Friday night and then either the half or full marathon the next morning. At that time, my intent was to race the 5k and just use the HM as my long run. Anyway – I took off early on Friday to meet Ryan, Dave, Melisa and Stacey at Often Running so we could head over to Champaign. I have to admit, I was nervous for this race. We got over to Champaign in plenty of time and went and checked out the expo. Then before we knew it, it was time to warm up. We all changed into race gear and Ryan, Dave, Mike and I went out to run the course. There were lots of people already lining the streets so it was cool to actually get to see that while not racing.

Finally, it was time to shed our warm ups and do some strides before the start. I found a spot a couple rows back. We were off! I kept my pace conservative and steady… keeping myself from going out too hot. It was cool to hear everyone cheering us the whole way – something you don’t get when running the smaller races. I picked out a couple girls and we all seemed to pack together for most of the race, which was actually pretty awesome as I’ve never done that before. After we hit mile 2 one girl and I broke away and started to speed up for the finish. At about .75 miles left I was able to push past her and focus on the girl that was up in front of me. Knowing that we had to make half a lap around the stadium before coming through the finish, I told myself not to kick before going in – to wait until I was about half way around. The girl in front sped up before we got into the stadium, but I stuck to my plan and kept my pace coming in. Then, I heard Mike, Ryan, and Dave yelling “get that girl!!!” and I couldn’t hold back anymore… I took off and passed her for 6th place female overall! By far the coolest thing about this race, was that her and I chatted after the race and told each other “great race” and the 2 girls I ran with most of the race came up and found me afterwards to chat about the race. I have NEVER had that happen at a race where I didn’t know the other girls I was running against. Very awesome 🙂

So, Mike ran well enough to win 2nd place overall, Ryan won 1st AG, Dave won 1st AG, and I ended up with 1st AG as well. We got some cool pictures afterwards that I’ll post once they are available. I should have ran a little better, but I am thankful for the experience!!! And it was awesome to spend time with great friends and fellow racing buddies 🙂

Time:                     20:59

AG:                         1/362

Female:                 6/2583

Overall:                 80/4211

I’ll write another post about my first half marathon experience 🙂

Footsteps Against Fibrosis 5k

2 Sep

This was another race that I randomly decided to run. You don’t often get pretty scenery when running 5ks so I took advantage of the fact that this one was on the Peoria Riverfront. The other nice thing about this race was that it wasn’t until 10:30, so that gave me plenty of time to get registered beforehand. I had a bowl of cereal and an english muffin with peanut butter for breakfast and then Jeff was nice enough to stop by Starbucks for me on the drive over to Peoria. It was exciting because this was Jeff’s first 5k race, even though he’d ran the Steamboat 15k and some other longer distance races.

The downfall for this race was that this was the first time it was put together so people weren’t quite sure about the race route – I only got about a .5 mile warmup because I didn’t want to miss the start. The race started out well, but I could tell that my lack of warming up was going to hurt me. I was keeping around 7:00 mile paces, but was feeling like I wasn’t going anywhere! The finish was not visible until you turned around a corner, so there wasn’t much time for sprinting which was disappointing because I had actually saved some energy for that reason. Oh well – lesson learned 🙂  Jeff finished ahead of me and when I came in I knew that he must have gotten an awesome time because I came in with 22:06 – a new PR!! He ran a 20:52, good enough for 2nd place in his AG (31-40). I think I was more excited for him doing so well than I was for me getting a PR 🙂 I ended up with 1st in my AG (21-30) and 2nd female overall.

 They did have lots of volunteers on the race route and an awesome spread of refreshments after the race.  We hung around for our medals and then decided to have some drinks at the Irish festival that was going on.


Time:                22:06    (7:08 pace)
Overall:           11/?
AG:                    1/?
F Overall:        2/?

Danvers Days 5K

23 Aug

The morning of this race started off pretty chilly and I was actually rethinking wearing a sports bra. After I registered, I met up with Rob, Christine, and Chris and we set out for a 2 mile warm up. We also found some monkeys on the way 🙂 It warmed up quickly… by the start of the race I was sweating and happy that I had decided to wear no shirt! My goal for this race was to never let me pace get above 8:00 per mile, which I achieved. I actually felt really good for most of this race and didn’t start hurting until about 2.5 miles in so I just kept telling myself I didn’t have much further to go and a PR would feel awesome! As I was running the last mile I realized that for the first time in a race people weren’t passing me, I was actually moving past them. I noticed too that I hadn’t seen many girls up ahead, which is not normal for me in a race. As I’m coming up to the finish I hear Rob and CJ yelling for me from the refreshment stand and it really helped me push all the way in. I finished with a PR of 22:38!!!

After everyone was done running we went inside to get pancakes and get our awards. We apparently sat at the “award table” because all of us won medals!

I knew it felt like my shorts were riding up.... haha

Jo, Rob, CJ, Me, and Chris with our medals

Me, CJ, and Jo with the monkey - All 1st place AG


Mile 1:               7:10
Mile 2:               7:35
Mile 3:               7:20
Mile .1:              5:10

Total:                 22:38     7:17 pace, PR, 1st AG, 4th female Overall
Overall:            29/158
AG:                     1/8
Female:             4/75