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Another Tough Track Workout

16 Feb

There’s nothing like a good track workout to remind you just how far you still have to go with training… 400 number 12 is when I was reminding myself that i do this for fun 😉 I was happy though that some other running friends of mine were also able to make it to the track. We all had different workouts, but its nice to have familiar faces and we all warm up, stretch, and cool down together. Last night we were at the ISU track and it was HOT!!! My workout was 3 sets of 4 x 400 @ 90 sec with 90 sec recovery and a 5 minute break between each set. The first 6 400’s weren’t that bad but 7 through 12 were much harder. I wasn’t even wanting to take the rest because I just wanted to get them over with!! I managed to finish all 12, but it was tough and I knew it would be Ice Bath time when I got home. I also slept in my Skins recovery tights 🙂

2/14      Bike – 30 min very easy
                XT –  60 min Strong class

2/15      Run – 2 mi warm up (8:00 pace)
                Run – 3 mi (12 x 400 @ 90 sec ; 90 sec recovery)

Its supposed to warm up this week so I’m looking forward to some more outdoor running!!!! 🙂


It was bound to happen..

25 Jan

After thinking that I was going to not catch the stomach flu that everyone else has had, I woke up Sunday morning feeling pretty weak. By noon I was full-on sick and not able to keep anything down – this resulted in me doing nothing but laying in bed ALL day long. As I was laying in bed, the only thing I kept thinking was that I had been so excited to be able to go run my 8 miles outside and now that wasn’t going to happen. Yesterday morning I felt a little better, but was still pretty tired and I could tell my body didn’t appreciate having nothing to eat or drink for almost 24 hours. I had planned on making up my 8 miles last night and then going to spinning class, but I only got in 4 and headed to bed early. On a good note, I’m feeling better today and plan on heading to the track for a little bit after work to get some more time in my spikes before Saturday’s track meet. I will also have to get in my hill workout and possibly some time on the bike.

Last week’s stats:

1/17      Bike – 60 min Easy
                Run – 1 mile easy off bike
                XT – Strong class 60 min

1/18       Run – 4 mi  – 37:00 (easy warm up and cool down)
                 Hills – 8 x 7% @ 9mph (20 sec) 2 min recovery

1/19       Bike  LT – 3 x 5 min w/2.5 min recovery (HR 182, 185, 187)
                 Bike – 40 min (warm up and cool down)

1/20       Run – 7.1 mi easy  1:06:01 (9:17 pace)    

1/21        Run – 4 mi – 37:00 (easy warm up and cool down)  
                  Run – Hills 8 x 7.5% @ 9mph (20 sec) 2 min recovery

1/22        XT – Pilates 60 mins

Totals:    Run – 20.1 mi
                  Bike – 2 hours
                  XT – 2 hours

Hopefully I can get back to my regular schedule starting today! I really don’t like missing workouts.

Picked these up on my Saturday shopping trip!

Getting Strong

18 Jan

Yesterday’s workout consisted of 60 mins on the bike followed by an easy mile on the treadmill. Since I was so busy last week with my new training plan I wasn’t able to go to my usual Strong classes or Pilates, which resulted in me feeling like I had a weaker core during my running. So last night after my normal workout I took a Strong class… man I could tell I hadn’t been for a while! The Strong class (@ 4 seasons) consists of very high rep counts (between 75 and 100 per exercise) with hand weights ranging from 4 to 8 lbs. We also use the Reebok Deck and yoga mats. The exercises included are chest press, shoulder press, tricep kick-backs, bent-over row, push-ups, sit-ups, squats, lunges, bicep curls, tricep extension (aka skull crushers) and a few other random exercises. Needless to say, I’m pretty whooped once I’m done with this class. Its something that I hope to squeeze in my schedule twice a week…. Tonight is a killer hill workout and Pilates 🙂

Bike – 60 mins
Run – 1 mile easy off the bike (9:15)
Strong – 60 mins

New Year’s Training Week

4 Jan

The classes at my gym were on break until the new year so I was left with running and swimming. Here’s how the week went:

12/27:  3.1 miles (9:02 pace)
12/28:   OFF
12/29:   OFF
12/30:   20 min swim
12/31:    5 miles (9:36 pace)
1/1:         5 miles (8:24 pace)
1/2:         5 miles (9:36 pace) 

Total:     18.1 miles Run
                 20 min swim

Thursday was my first experience with swimming. It is something I am not good at so its really frustrating for me. I will be back this week hopefully to try again though. I am happy that my spinning classes are back in session!!! This week will be very busy as I have my first track workout at ISU (haven’t been on a track since 1998 haha) tonight and then have 25 miles to run and some spinning and swimming to fit in.