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Football and Friends… and Bikes!

8 Feb

The end of last week included a day off on Friday, an indoor track meet at IWU on Saturday and an 8 mile easy run on Sunday. For the Super Bowl I went to the Gieson’s with the Case’s and Bernico’s (all runners/triathletes) – there wasn’t much game watching 🙂 We did do lots of eating and several people rode their bikes in the basement. I have been thinking about getting a bike and a trainer so that I can get up in the mornings and ride before work instead of trying to fit in riding AND running after work. So of course I got to try all of the girls’ bikes out to see which brand fits my body type best – apparently this is uber confusing and I’m not going to even try to understand it! I have freakishly long legs for someone who’s 5’2″ so that greatly limits the bikes I can choose from. So far the bike that I’m 90% sure I’m going to get is a Cannondale Slice 5 105. Its looking like the winner thus far 🙂

2/5     Run 1.5 mi (8:00 pace) w/u
             Race  1 mi (6:16)

2/6     Run 8 mi easy (1:16:0)

2/7     Run 4 x 1200 @ 3k (6:20 pace) ; 60 sec recovery (3 miles total)
             Run 2.5 (9:20) w/u and c/d

Weekly Totals   Run – 29.5  ** *new weekly high mileage!!***
Bike – 30 min

Next up is the Augustana Open in the Quad Cities where I will try to better my time in the mile 🙂

I will follow up with posts for both of the IWU track meets I participated in shortly.  I’ve been super busy!!


A little bit of everything…

10 Jan

Last week was my first track workout since my freshman year in high school… nothing has changed – it’s still really tough!! I was nervous since it was my first time on the track in a while and I was also running with a group of fasties (not that I was keeping with them, we were all just there at the same time haha). Ryan agreed to help me with my training this year so that I can get quicker at the 5k distance. Of course this means that I’ll actually have to run consistantly throughout the week, eat better, and get more rest. This is how my week of training went:

1/3      Bike 19 mi
             1 hr Strong class

1/4      2 mile warm up 
             8 x 200 @ :36ish pace
             8 x 400 recovery
             1 mile cool down

1/5      Bike 19 mi
1/6      Bike 19 mi
             1 hr Pilates

1/7      Run 6.4 mi  (9:00 pace)

1/8      OFF

1/9      Run 5 mi (9:15 pace)
              Swim (20 mins)
              Bike (21 mi)

Totals:      78 mi Bike
                    17.4 mi Run
                    20 min Swim
                    2 hour XT (weights & pilates)

I also get to have some fun on Jan 29th… I am going to run the 200m at the IWU Titan Open. Who knew they let old people run at the local track meets 🙂 This will probably be one of the most exciting races for me this year, I can’t wait!!

New Year’s Training Week

4 Jan

The classes at my gym were on break until the new year so I was left with running and swimming. Here’s how the week went:

12/27:  3.1 miles (9:02 pace)
12/28:   OFF
12/29:   OFF
12/30:   20 min swim
12/31:    5 miles (9:36 pace)
1/1:         5 miles (8:24 pace)
1/2:         5 miles (9:36 pace) 

Total:     18.1 miles Run
                 20 min swim

Thursday was my first experience with swimming. It is something I am not good at so its really frustrating for me. I will be back this week hopefully to try again though. I am happy that my spinning classes are back in session!!! This week will be very busy as I have my first track workout at ISU (haven’t been on a track since 1998 haha) tonight and then have 25 miles to run and some spinning and swimming to fit in.