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Another Tough Track Workout

16 Feb

There’s nothing like a good track workout to remind you just how far you still have to go with training… 400 number 12 is when I was reminding myself that i do this for fun 😉 I was happy though that some other running friends of mine were also able to make it to the track. We all had different workouts, but its nice to have familiar faces and we all warm up, stretch, and cool down together. Last night we were at the ISU track and it was HOT!!! My workout was 3 sets of 4 x 400 @ 90 sec with 90 sec recovery and a 5 minute break between each set. The first 6 400’s weren’t that bad but 7 through 12 were much harder. I wasn’t even wanting to take the rest because I just wanted to get them over with!! I managed to finish all 12, but it was tough and I knew it would be Ice Bath time when I got home. I also slept in my Skins recovery tights 🙂

2/14      Bike – 30 min very easy
                XT –  60 min Strong class

2/15      Run – 2 mi warm up (8:00 pace)
                Run – 3 mi (12 x 400 @ 90 sec ; 90 sec recovery)

Its supposed to warm up this week so I’m looking forward to some more outdoor running!!!! 🙂


Skins RY400 Tights… my new love!!!

4 Feb

So I received the best running gear ever on the morning of our blizzard – my Skins RY400 recovery tights!!! I was skeptical at first while reading Skins’ claim that these tights were the best… but after sleeping in them after my 8 mile run, I am in love! I woke up feeling like I hadn’t ran at all the night before. Other than my Garmin, these are my favorite running gear!

Skins ry400... magical!!!


Back to my week of running – its gone pretty well. I had hill sprints on Monday night with an easy 30 minute bike warmup beforehand, an awesome 8 mile run on wednesday, and another hill sprint workout last night.

1/31      Run – HS 8 x 8% incline, 9mph for 20 sec each (2:00 recovery)
                Run – 4.5 mi  easy (42:00)
                Bike – 30 mins easy warm up

2/2        Run – 8 mi easy (1:15:00, 9:23 pace)

2/3        Run – HS 8 x 9% incline, 8.5 mph for 40 sec each (1:00 recovery)
                Run – 3.5 mi easy (9:50 pace)

** Running First***
My mileage for January was 96 miles!! This is by far more than I have ever ran in a month 🙂